LV and MV electrical system , inc. power distribution, industrial UPS, VFD

It is difficult to imagine the large industrial enterprise without reliable system of power supply. Integhra understands the sharp need for modernization of power generation facilities and also input of new capacities. All this demands using of highly reliable systems of the uninterrupted power supply, which conform to modern requirements.
The modern system of power supply to the industrial enterprises can't be created without systems of an operational direct current (SODC), LV and MV electrical systems, including power distribution, industrial UPS, VFD, DC and AC systems, drivers, etc.

Some of our products include:
•    Power cabinets;
•    Systems of an operational direct current (SODC);
•    Industrial UPS;
•    Systems which are monitoring parameters of the power transformer equipment;
•    Low-voltage and high-voltage frequency converters;
Some of our services include:
•    Project Management;
•    Preliminary Design and Detailed Design;
•    Procurement;
•    Services During Construction;
•    Commissioning;
•    Supplementary Services.