Due to the high reliability of the established systems, using high quality equipment and strict control of internal multi-stage production process and enforcement of advanced technology over the years we have not received any complaints from customers.
Functional capabilities include systems created by the collection, processing, display, conservation information, and remote control functions, automatic control, fault protection and safety locks.
In the process of design, construction and commissioning of systems "Integhra " Ltd. has acquired invaluable experience in the management of the following processes:
  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Machinery and machine tools;
  • Chemical industry ;
  • Industry (mining, refining and redistribution of chemical productive solutions);
  • Non-ferrous metals ;
  • Power (gas-fuel oil and solid fuel district heating and power boilers with combustion traditional fuels, also with the vortex combustion and fluidized bed combustion, turbines, fuel feed, auxiliary equipment).