Integhra serves our customers to maximize their return on invested capital. Only innovative engineering and software solutions, best practices in project management and vast experience of our engineers allows us to bring improvement in equipment effectiveness. This is what customers want, this is what Integhra delivers!

It is difficult to imagine the large industrial enterprise without reliable system of power supply. Integhra understands the sharp need for modernization of power generation facilities and also input of new capacities. All this demands using of highly reliable systems of the uninterrupted power supply, which conform to modern requirements.
The company has an assembly facility producing large scale of electrical cabinets and automatic panels. Our engineers elaborate designs to customers specifications with each panel certified and provided with all necessary normative and technical documentation.

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Due to the high reliability of the established systems, using high quality equipment and strict control of internal multi-stage production process and enforcement of advanced technology over the years we have not received any complaints from customers.

When installing and maintaining equipment our engineers know that they become the face of our brand and we take that responsibility very seriously. We provide end delivery of field based networks, onsite technical installation and commissioning services in all types of customer environments- factories, hospitals, and company to name but a few.

We work in close partnership with our customers- offering confidence in service continuity through quality assured project delivery services, including disaster recovery.

After-sale service

Our Company has its own service center and a warehouse of spare parts to provide after-sale and warranty service for any equipment purchased from Integhra or delivered by other manufacturers or vendors. All works are performed by highly qualified specialists using different diagnostic equipment in accordance with requirements of regulatory and technical documents.