Russian Federation, Nizhnevartovsk

Russian Federation, Nizhnevartovsk
The technological unit is intended for processing of oil gas for the purpose of production of stripped gas and natural gas liquids. The uninterrupted power system UPS-0.4kV of the main stepdown substation is intended for power supply of the system of monitoring and measuring instruments in case of interruption of power supply from the main source.

UPS reconstruction project was performed. The project provides application of GUTOR UPS as emergency power source.

Uninterrupted power system UPS-0.4 main stepdown substation performs three interrelated functions for the most responsible consumers:
а) serves as a more reliable power source, not suffering from transient harmonic distortions, the main power source is subject to;
в) provides reserve power source for the most responsible consumers in case of breakdown of the standard scheme of emergency power supply;
с) provides emergency power supply reserve in case of breakdown of main power unit of the plant.