Russian Federation, Bereznyaki

Russian Federation, Bereznyaki
Separation of rectification is included in the composition of chemical and metallurgical workshop. Purified titanium tetrachloride is the main product of rectification separation. The project of reconstruction of PCS for rectification separation was performed.

RockwellAutomation controller equipment and software, Ups by APC were applied in the project. PCS has a distributive structure, communication devices with the facility under ControlNet network are connected to the doubling automated working station of the operator. Power supply of the system is realized from three phases, trans-filter and UPS are installed at each phase.

The scheme of reserve power supply is built in such a way that even if there is no power supply in two phases, the system will properly operate for 60 minutes. The solutions realized in the project increase the efficiency of the control system and allow optimum distribution of resources of the applied controller equipment.